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Whatever difficulties you face or problems that you have, we can help you or point you in the right direction.
We endeavour to be client focused and strive to be accessible, helpful and professional in our dealings.
Whether you are running a business or are a private client, you can be assured of quality legal advices and services at competitive prices.
Legal aid is also available to those that are eligible.

When attending interviews at Police Stations, our role is to protect and advance your interests, provide you with advice and support whilst also ensuring that you are treated fairly and properly by the Police.

Attendance at a police station can be outside normal office hours, and so we provide a 24 hour emergency service. The PSNI will contact us directly if you request our attendance in these circumstances.

Should matters proceed to court, we also provide representation throughout Northern Ireland.

The impact from an injury can be truly devastating on an individual’s life.

We will investigate the incident on your behalf dealing directly with the relevant parties, with a view to ensuring that you obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible.

We specialise in injuries arising from road traffic collisions, injuries sustained through your employment and the negligence of Medical and other Professionals.

We have an excellent record in successfully handling personal injury claims. If you have suffered injury or illness, at home or abroad, contact us today for free expert advice concerning your accident claim.

We believe that the rights guaranteed to members of society, whether they be suspects, defendants, offenders or prisoners in our justice system, are fundamental human rights that protect us all from abuse of power. We are committed to upholding these rights.

We are experienced in challenging the decisions of courts, local authorities and public bodies, police misconduct, racism, violence, unlawful imprisonment, and malicious prosecution.

If you feel that the decisions made or your treatment by Government bodies have had or are having a seriously detrimental affect upon your life, we would urge you to seek advices immediately regarding your rights in such circumstances.

The end of a relationship or break up of a marriage can be a difficult time for all parties involved.

We deal with all aspects of family work including problems relating to Divorce, Custody, Contact, Maintenance and disputes between co-habiting partners.

We will handle your case in a constructive and non-confrontational manner with a view to solving your problems in a sensitive and cost effective way.

We prepare your Will in accordance with your wishes to ensure that your property is distributed to your loved ones in the way you want.

You will have the comfort of knowing that your affairs will be dealt with efficiently and that your dependants are looked after during what will be a distressing time.

We can assist in obtaining probate and administering the estate.
We can also provide assistance in administering the estate of an individual who has passed away without making a will.
We can also help in the unfortunate situation wherein a dispute has arisen regarding a will or an estate.

When considering litigation in a wide variety of circumstances, we can help you in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case, provide you with practical advice for the resolution of disputes, carry out negotiations on your behalf along with ultimately issuing and defending court proceedings should you decide that this is the only way forward.

Whilst we try to avoid the issue of proceedings, this is not always possible or the appropriate way forward. Litigation is a last resort and we will never issue proceedings without having first discussed the merits of your case, possibilities and likely outcome so that you can make an informed decision regarding the matter.

In a situation wherein you are owed money, we will endeavour to collect your debts without recourse to legal proceedings through letters before action, telephone calls and negotiations with a view to minimising costs.

We also find that issuing a statutory demand which can be the first step in either bankruptcy proceedings or winding up proceedings depending on whether the debtor is an individual or a company can be very effective in debt recovery.